The Use Of VoIP

what is voip refers to IP telephony, Internet Telephony, and Internet Calling. It is a technological advancement that allows people to communicate without relying on telephones. It is one of the inventions that have significantly revolutionized communication in our world today.

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How does the technology work?

Traditionally, telephone signals are responsible for transmitting information. When it comes to VoIP, the Internet provides a platform for the communication. The service relies on the IP protocol to send data using the Internet. The service inclusive and does not support audio calls only. One can also make video calls through the use of applications such as Skype

What are the advantages?

The technology has immense benefits. You are free to make your audio and video calls without incurring telephone carrier charges. All you need to have is a reliable Internet connection. As a way of adding style to communication, additional features such as video and audio recording are also available. VoIP is flexible and also compatible with cell phone devices.

Where is the technology used?

VoIP can facilitate communication in a variety of places. It is ideal for home setups, offices and even making long distance communication. As a result of the high efficiency of the service, video conference has now become possible in most areas. VoIP has enabled the use of the existing Internet infrastructure to add more value.

Drawbacks of using the service

For VoIP to work, a stable Internet connection is required. Even though satellites can cover the whole world providing Internet services, remote areas require the use of specialized equipment which is costly. The service also needs one to have a device such as a computer which can access the Internet. If the Internet connection is weak, communication may not be very smooth. The audio quality may end up being very low, and video calls may have a constant lag.

Evolution of the technology

VoIP started off as a simple service and has now undergone extensive research and fine-tuning. Is it now a very reliable service today. Distance is no longer a barrier in communication thanks to the excellent efficiency offered by VoIP. It is cost effective and has enabled business and individuals save a lot when it comes to sharing of information today. VoIP is here to stay and has the potential of revolutionizing the field of communication even more in future. Give it a try today and get a fast, cheap and efficient communication platform.